How can I contact Yahoo and get into my old Yahoo account

If you have Yahoo mail account and you have not used it for long, you could have forgotten the password of the account. You can access this account by changing the password. However, the process may seem a bit complicated to some users as it would require two-step verification. If you had provided your phone number which is still in use or an alternate e-mail address which you still access, changing your password and entering the account will not be a problem. To get a clearer picture you can get in touch with Yahoo customer care team and discuss your problems or queries with them. They will be able to offer you the right solutions so that you can get in touch with your Yahoo account once the game.
In order to access your old Yahoo mail account, you have to change the password. Go to your Yahoo mail account login page and try to enter your old password if you remember it. If you are able to get into your Yahoo mail account you don’t need to do anything else. However, if you cannot remember your old password you have to change it. In such situations, you have to click on the options change password. Yahoo will then ask you to enter the captcha code and after that, you will have to choose between your alternate e-mail address or mobile number.
Once you have done that you will receive a code and after entering that code you will be allowed to change the Yahoo password and get back to your account. However, if you cannot access your Yahoo mail account in this manner, you will have to get in touch with Yahoo Customer Support team. Only through their help, you can use your Yahoo mail account once again. They will verify your identity through a set of questions and ensure that you are the original user. After that Yahoo will allow you to change a password and you will be able to get back to your account.
And in case your account is hacked and you are not able to access your account, Yahoo will offer you with proper solutions so that you can use your account once again. You can dial Yahoo toll free helpline number at any time you desire to get proper solutions for this problem. Yahoo customer service number is at your disposal and you can speak to the experts at Yahoo to deal with different types of Yahoo mail problems.


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