Use your mobile phone to secure your Yahoo account

Yahoo is one of the oldest email service providers. There are millions from all over the world, who avails the excellent service offered by Yahoo. The reason why Yahoo is one of the leading mail service providers is because it offers a safe and secured service. Yahoo makes sure that the email accounts of its millions of users are kept safe from hackers and outside intruders. This is one of the reasons why Yahoo is one of the most popular email services to be used. Yahoo has been providing top quality service without compromising on the security.

It is a very normal thing to lose your password. The fact that people use multiple email accounts these days makes them more susceptible to lose or forget their password of any particular account. This sort of a scenario needs resetting of the password. Ideally you should not share your password with anyone. It might happen that you had to share it over some specific reasons or someone got access to your password by using some other means. This is even more serious situation as it could lead to fatal consequences. It means that your account will now be accessed by someone who is not authorized to. Under such circumstances, the first thing you need to do is to change the password of your yahoo email account

How to change the password?

The steps of resetting the passwords in Yahoo is quite simple and if you are an authorized user, then it shouldn’t take you much time, neither you should face any problem. The process is quite simple; you need to visit the login page of Yahoo mail, click on the reset password option. You will be directed to a different page, where the system will check for your authenticity and once you are authorized, you can go ahead and reset your forgotten Yahoo password.

Using mobile phone to reset the password

Over the years, the use of internet over mobile devices has become very popular. These days’ people can check their emails while they are on move. When it comes to resetting the password for your Yahoo mail account it can be done using your mobile device. The procedure is same as using a computer. You can easily reset the password at any point of time using your mobile device. If you face any problem, you may call Yahoo Customer Support for Android phone or Yahoo Technical support number.

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